Electric Forklift Max T8-1.8 Ton

Electric Forklift Max T8-1.8 Ton


Brand Name : EP Equipment

Model : CPD18T8

Capacity : 1.8 Ton

Mast : 3-6 Meter

Drive Unit : Electric

Tyre : Solid/Pneumatic

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Electric counterbalance trucks combine pure strength with the advantages of no-emission, low noise pollution and sensitive driving characteristics. EP Equipment offers a wide range of electric forklifts for sale to fit every application.Whether you require counterbalance trucks for small-scale warehouse operations, large-scale outdoor operations, or anything in between, we have a wide range of electric forklifts for sale and can help you find the best fit for your needs. Whatever your reason to buy electric forklifts, our global scope of operations means that we can offer them at a competitive price point – helping you save money.

EP Equipment has been building forklift trucks since 1993, when the company was established by founder John He. Now with manufacturing operations in China and the USA, a full complement of electric forklift trucks for sale, and over 1000 employees working from locations all over the world, we can bring 25 years of experience to help you make the best choices for your business.

EP Unique

Additional to the common trucks listed above, EP has a unique range of electric forklifts for sale:

TVE: A super-compact model, fits through a door. To work in the narrowest environment with 500-1500kg capacity.

TVS: Super compact stand-in counter balance trucks, on rubber tires for use on uneven floors or outdoor and just 3m working aisle.

Counter balance walkie trucks: The concept of a counter balance truck, with the chassis of a stacker. Standard FEM fork carriage with forks can lift any load. The main benefit is that you don’t need a driver’s license.

If you need help to find the right truck for your need, please contact the EP support team or your local dealer to find out more about the different specifications of our machines. We will support you to find the perfect solution for your business!

Additional information

Forklift Brand

EP Equipment




1.8 Ton

Mast Heitht

3 Meter – 6 Meter

Drive Unit



Solid / Pneumatic


Red / Yellow / Green

Extra Attachment

Optional Extra Attachment : Side Shiftier / Paper Roll Clamp / Bale Clamp / Drum Clamp etc.