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General Equipment Limited one of the popular and trusted Air Compressor Supplier in Bangladesh. We supply various prominent brands from German, Turkey, China etc. Desran Compressor (ShangHai) Co.,Ltd is a high tech enterprise that focuses on R&D, Manufacture, and Sales of Air Compressors. Our products include Stationary Screw air compressor, Variable Speed Screw Compressor, Low Pressure Screw Compressor, Portable Screw Compressor, Pressure Booster Compressor, Piston air compressor, Air dryer and the accessories. Desran is located at the north part of ShangHai and has three multi-story manufacture mills and one office building, spanning the land of 25,500 square meters. In 2010, Desran ranked second in term of screw air compressor manufacture and sales in China by China Compressor Industry Association, and was awarded “the new&high-tech enterprise”. In 2011, Desran was named the “ShangHai famous brand” and also ranked into the “China Machinery 500”.Desran not only inherit advanced design concept and precise manufacturing technology from German industry, but also combine both domestic and overseas users’ operation conventions. Through professional design, advanced manufacturing, and strict quality control system, we ensure that the technical performance and reliability of each compressor are best in class and our quality is always in the leading position in the industry. Desran commits to serve the global customers. Our machines are widely used in various industries including Machinery, Food, Pharmacy, Electronics, Textile, Automotive, and Construction and are exported to American, European, and Southeast Asia markets. With our rich experience, innovative technology, and strong sales and service team, we can provide the best compressed air solution and service to our different customers. General Equipment Limited provide to our customer best products in affordable price.

Main parts: European, Assembled in Shanghai Factory under German Supervision. DESRAN Products:


Oil-Injected Screw Compressor

Variable Speed Screw Compressor

Permanent Magnet Compressor

Oil Free Screw Compressor

Low Pressure Screw Compressor

Refrigerated Air Dryer-Air Cooling

Pressure Booster

Portable Screw Compressor