Order Picker JX2-700Kg Vertical

Order Picker JX2-700Kg Vertical


Brand Name : EP Equipment

Model : JX2

Capacity : 700 Kg.

Lifting : 4265 mm

Drive Unit : Electric

Battery Type : Lead-acid

Wheel : Polyurethane

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At EP Equipment we offer highly innovative solutions for the growing need of vertical order picker and work assist vehicles. Especially the growing e-commerce industry, as well as spare parts center feel the need of small package goods which requires picking not only on ground level, but also at heights of up to 6.5 meters. At EP we offer unique order pickers for sale solutions for every warehouse.

With the growing need of work assist vehicles and vertical order picker the question can be raised: What is the difference?

Work assist vehicles have their application in occasional order picking, maintenance work, inventory work and the usage in shops.

In retail stores, cash&carry as well as DIY markets, shelves need to be replenished regularly to ensure the best shopping experience for the customer. In the past this job was done with either ladders, a dangerous and ineffective solution, or with reach trucks with goods on pallets and blocked aisles. Similar truck requirements are seen for maintenance & inventory work, where a man-up truck with small turning cycle and simple handling is needed. EP developed the JX0 entry level order picker to match these requirements.

Buying vertical order pickers comes in handy when the main job is order picking at increased requirements for productivity. In the past most order picking jobs were carried out on ground level to increase the productivity, while stock was replenished to the bottom layer with reach & fork trucks. In recent years, driven by the E-Commerce industries picks per order get smaller and the need to collect different products from different levels has increased. To maximise flexibility for the driver and increase productivity, EP has developed the JX1, a professional order picker with a 20% higher pickrate per hour and a picking height of up to 6.5m.

We will begin with the JX2. Designed for medium lifts, the JX2 would make a reliable and safe addition to any warehouse, maintenance centre or shop floor. With a total lift height of 3620mm, this model is ideal to maximise order picking output without jeopardising the safety of the worker.

Our next model, the JX1, has a stable mast for easy stability as well as a higher elevation of 4880mm. With this higher reach, storage space can be safely maximised. The key difference with the JX1, as opposed to the JX2, is the additional option of a Gel (AGM) battery to replace the JX2’s Lead-acid battery. This change requires less maintenance, shorter charge times and higher efficiency for the busy storeroom.

At EP Equipment we put a heavy emphasis on versatility and safety. Whether intended for a large-scale facility or a small-scale order storeroom, we guarantee you will find a suitable order picker for sale in our collection of cheap and quality equipment. If you have any questions about buying your ideal order picker, then please call our support team. We can guide you through the process and help you to buy order picker forklifts for the betterment of your work environment.


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EP Equipment




700 Kg.

Drive Unit


Lifting Height

4265 mm



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