Hangcha Forklift X Series


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  • Single button blazer
  • Made of 88% Polyester, 10% Viscose and 2% Elastane
  • Three front pockets, one at chest
  • Four decorative buttons at cuffs
  • Double split at back and two inner pockets
  • Fully canvassed design
  • Skinny fit
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Strong appearance and visual impact

The truck is small, exquisite, and concise. which adopts the newly designed parts with opening mold at large areas, the appearance of the full truck will be more humanized.

Energy conservation and environmentally friendly

Lower emission and better cold starting performance; saving 10% of energy consumption.

The full truck all adopt environmentally friendly materials to reduce environmental hazards.


Greatly increase the space underfoot.

Greatly increase the forward visibility and rear visibility.

Reduce the noise of the truck by 3dB and reduce the vibration by 20%.

Improved reliability and security

The radiator adopts an aluminous plate-fin with better performance and higher structural strength.

2~3.8t adopts large size tapered roller bearing (TRB), larger steering cylinder, and bumper block assemblies on the top, which can prolong the

service life of the bearing and highly improve the reliability of the steering axle.

An optimized hydraulic breather structure and integrated with a return oil filter can prolong the service life of the hydraulic pressure system.


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